Hallo, I was born in Palmerston North, New Zealand. What John Cleese had to say about ‘Palmie’ is very amusing - I relate and was amazed to find out he’d been there!  In my 20’s after working in the NZ Film industry for a few years, I followed my yearning to travel, then moved to Australia in 1995 (where Mum was born). After completing a 'masters by coursework' at RMIT Uni., I was lucky to be offered ‘sessional’ teaching work there, and later Monash. I also work as an Arts-worker and personal carer in the disability sector.


Although most of my work is ‘representational’, my preference has always been for the works that look more like a smudge / pile of dust, then the form slowly becomes recognisable. It is the process of working with the medium, mistakes and what evolves that I find most rewarding (and difficult too at times!). I’ve always hoped that the work itself will convey what is ineffable for me. Instead I enjoy collecting quotes from others who write with eloquence! This is one of many favourites:


“All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream.” Edgar Allen Poe

Thanks to all who have supported me in my need to make marks over the years.

If you'd like to see more I have an instagram account - 'ginnygrayson'.


Giclee prints available to order via my gmail:

  • on Hahnemuehle 100% cotton rag paper, 308gsm. Colour - off white 

  • A4 - $120

  • A3 - $180

  • Postage pricing - varies according to country of delivery.